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Warren County Economic Development Committee

The Warren County Economic Development Committee was established by a resolution of the Warren County Board of Chosen Freeholders in January 2016, and replaced the Economic Development Advisory Council that was established in 2011.

The EDC’s mission is to assist the County of Warren in promoting economic development and to establish a framework to be utilized in coordinating local, state and federal efforts toward this end, with major emphasis placed on providing the basic foundation essential for attracting and encouraging sound economic growth in Warren County.

The Economic Development Committee shall act in an advisory capacity to the Board of Chosen Freeholders on all matters concerning industrial, business and commercial development within the limits of the County of Warren; not in conflict with the rights and duties of the local governing bodies or their representative boards.

2019 Members Front Row: Freeholder Jason J. Sarnoski, Freeholder Liaison; Linda Stettler, vice chair; Betty Schultheis; Melanie Thiel; Brittany Nigro, Secretary. Back Row: John Kruk; Terry Urfer; Mitchell Jones, chair; Mary Jo Harris; Stan Prater; Chris Maier; Eve Azar. Not pictured: Scott Anderson

The EDC meets on the second Thursday of each month at 8:15 a.m. Meetings are being held online during the COVID-19 pandemic through a Webex conference call that is open to the public.

Meanwhile, economic development and business assistance is available through many agencies and organizations active in Warren County, including chambers of commerce, municipal business improvement districts, and state agencies. Visit this page for more information about the resources available to you.

For information and assistance on agritourism and agriculture-based economic development in New Jersey, visit this page from the Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station.

2018 Farmer's Fair Display

Warren County Economic Development Committee
c/o Warren County Public Information Department
165 County Route 519 South,
Belvidere, NJ  07823
Telephone: 908-475-6580
Fax: 908-475-6577
Email: publicinfo@co.warren.nj.us

Chairman, Mitchell Jones

Freeholder Liaison, Jason J. Sarnoski

Members: Scott Anderson; Eve Azar; Mary Jo Harris; John Kruk; Chris Maier; Betty Schultheis; Linda Stettler; Melanie Thiel; Terry Urfer.